29 Jersey Wooly Rabbits located in Baton-Rouge, Louisiana

29 Jersey Wooly Rabbits located in Baton-Rouge, LA. Looking to find good quality rabbits for sale in Baton-Rouge, Louisiana?

Jersey Wooly Rabbits

Contact the Seller of these Louisiana Jersey Wooly Rabbits

You might just be in luck because at my rabbitry we produce nice Louisiana Jersey Wooly Rabbits. All our rabbits are of show quality and will also make good pets for kids or meat and fur production.We also have numerous varieties of Polish Rabbits in addition to Jersey Wooly Rabbits. Send me a message if you are considering buying rabbits from us… I am located about eleven miles outside of Baton-Rouge, LA. I currently have approximately 11 rabbits for sale if you include all the different breeds I have for sale.

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